Shake well prior to use. 

For the body: 

Spray oil onto the application area and allow it to dry on its own or blend into skin until your desired level of intensity is achieved. Glow tip: Apply 3-4 pumps for a major glow, or 1-2 pumps for a subtle sheen!

For the face: Use as a highlighter or mix with foundation.

Non-transfer tip: Apply to clean, dry skin. For best results, skip body moisturizer before you apply Luminescence.


100% natural with no preservatives. Good for 6-9 months after opening. It should be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Testing for Allergic Reaction

If this is your first time using this product, we recommend that you perform an allergy test before use. This can simply be done by applying a small amount to your forearm and waiting for 24h to see if any irritation or redness occur. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.